With headquarter in Jeddah-Saudi Arabia, Barr Al-Amman Int'l.co.is an advanced High-Technology plastic Manufacturing Company that is the leader in entire Middle East.

About Us


    Founded in 1965, Barr Al-Amman has grown to more than 90,000 square meters of facilities using state-of-the-art equipment. With 45 years of combined experience in plastic manufacturing industry, people of Barr Al-Amman have the unique knowledge and experience necessary to meet customer's expectations a step beyond others in the field and setting the benchmark in today's exciting world of Plastics. With a strong foot hold in Saudi Arabia having branch offices and show rooms all around KSA, we spread our wings to Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East to feel our presence on world map of plastics.

    Production Capabilities

    Barr Al-Amman is producing wide range of plastic products including injection moulded fittings, extruded profiles and thermoformed products. With over one thousand-plus standard products and customs design products, Barr Al-Amman ensures excellence in design, production and performance. Barr Al-Amman is capable to adhere to any pre-determined quality control standards specified by the customer. Barr Al-Amman has separate hygienic facilities to produce products in order to meet the stringent standards specified by Food & Beverage Industries.




From the receipt of the bulk resins to the final stages of production, Barr Al-Amman maintains high quality standards. Our Quality Control programme is managed by qualified technical personnel using sophisticated procedures and latest equipments. We conduct both on-line Q.C checks and in-lab tests. Barr Al-Amman laboratory is well facilitated to confirm that products manufactured are to international standards.
Quality control checks of product tolerances, color and physical appearance are made at every step of manufacture.


Having five giant warehouses adjacent to manufacturing sites and four warehouses in different regions of Saudi Arabia, Barr Al-Amman stocks and monitor pre-determined quantities of products to ensure just-in-time delivery to customers. Barr Al-Amman's full fledged logistic department ensures proper documentations and uses the best fleet services to satisfy customer's delivery schedule meet on time.

Industries we serve

Civil Construction Industry, Sewage and Water Treatment Industry, Water Irrigation, Electricity, Telephone & Water Department for underground piping, Chemical Industry, Consumer Goods, Water Purification Industry, Dairy Industry, Food and Beverage Industry, Confectionary Industry, Restaurants, Departmental Stores and Retail outlets,

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